Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Timeless and eclectic pieces by "Darwin Jewelry"

Hello fellow fashion folk and Happy New Year!

...but my how time flies by? Is it really 2011 already?!
Since we're on the topic of time, I thought it would be fitting to feature one of our brand new artists here at the Adhesif Clothing store, "Darwin Jewelry"

It all happened, one fine day, when 2 very sweet girls came by the Adhesif Clothing store, toting a small cigar box...
Steph & Adina: "We were wondering if you had the time to have a look at our jewelry today?"
Me: "Sure, why not..."
...and to my surprise, I was completely delighted! : )

Their pieces are beautifully composed works of whimsy and have a sort of steampunk elegance.

I haven't seen anything quite like what these 2 girls are creating. I absolutely LOVE the use of the innards of old timex and rolex wrist watches but their attention to detail like the addition of orphan earring studs and disheveled costume jelwelry brooches is not only clever but charming!

This is nostaligia city!
I for one have an affliction for shiny sparklies but do not like to look like a princess. This is jewelry for gals who want something unique and unusual yet timeless and feminine.
I've been so inspired by these gals that I have already donated some mangled jems and costume pieces I've been collecting for "no apparent reason"

If you like what you see (the real thing is sooo much lovelier!) I suggest you come into the Adhesif Clothing shop at 2202 Main Street and have a gander at the fine selection of lovelies we have in store.
Every piece is completely "one of a kind" and we are only 1 of 2 locations in Vancouver fortunate enough to have "Darwin Jewels"

Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at

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  1. Wow! Great review on amazing pieces of jewelry! Spread the word on this unique stuff. It is full of tenderhearted, feminine loveliness.