Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Castle on the Hill

I remember the first time I saw it there. It was my first trip to the beautiful sleepy little village called Konigstein in Germany, the birth home of my now fiancé.

I casually opened the blinds in our room and there it was sitting in the fog, on a hill only a kilometer away. I was blown away by the sight of it just sitting there in all its ancient glory. I mean after all, being from Canada, we don’t really have Castles and I have never seen one in real life until that moment. I gasped and turned and looked at my fiancé and said “Did you know there’s a Castle in front of your window” to which he laughed and said “Yeah , of course, I used to play there for hours as a small child with my brother”.

I never forgot that WOW moment and it made me think about childhood and fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. There’s usually always a prince and a damsel in distress and an often whimsical yet dark plot and a moral somewhere in there to learn. I’ve also recently been very interested in the handmade culture that went along with medieval times. Everything was meticulously by hand with quality results.

I now call this sleepy little village my second home and I get to visit this magical place and my fiancés family who live there every Christmas.

So naturally I was very excited at the idea of organizing a fashion photo shoot for one of my winter collections there one day.

The day did indeed come along and I casted a fair, red haired German model for our Fall-Winter 2016 Collection. Her attributes matched the stones of the walls of the Burg in Konigstein and designed the color scheme of the entire collection to compliment the surrounding environment.

All of the names of the pieces in the collection are named after things that remind me of the Castle like the Murky Moss Dress and the Cascade Cowl Blouse for the thick moss that grows on the old stones in beautiful hues...

..and the Crimson Crown Knit Dress and King Cardigan after the royalty that 
once inhabited the land. 

The style in this collection has a bit of a "moody dark fashion fairy tale" vibe to it. I created many of the designs in the collection to have a modern take to a regal look. I love the idea of reusing and rethinking fashion concepts.

I strive to maintain an up-cycled edge to all my collections which leads me on a quest each season seeking out rare and unique vintage textiles paying special attention to interesting characterized details from a variety of fashion eras.
The nature of the design process means that every piece retains its very own 100% original aesthetic, pieces from Adhesif Clothing collections can even be custom made on request. 
Every single handmade garment has a heartbeat and a story to tell, a true labor of love from start to finish. Inspired by the preservation of our planet, each up-cycled garment is completely original and made with up to 95% recycled and vintage materials. 
Check out our website for more info about our zero waste process
Find over 200 one-of-a-kind items by Adhesif Clothing online through their Etsy shop with new items posted bi-weekly or shop in person at their boutique at 2202 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
Fall-Winter 2016 Credits: 
Photography by Thomas Ruppel
MUA Christine Raab
Styling & Creative Direction Melissa Ferreira


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