Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gertrude's Haus - Making of Spring Summer 2018

I remember the first time I walked into Gertrude's house. 
It was pure magic like stepping back into time. 
There stood before me in all its glory a perfectly curated museum like film set for a Wes Anderson film that has yet to be discovered. 
Filled with vintage silk brocade chaise lounges, damask wall paper, porcelain tea ware, mixed with baroque and art nouveau influences in total pristine condition. 

Such class, such charm, such elegance...I was visually blissed out. I knew I had to figure out a way to preserve this relic of a style long forgotten. So when the opportunity to do a photo shoot in this magical place came up, I of course jumped on right on it.

Just to back up a little bit. You might be asking yourself "Who's Gertrude" and "How did I come across her house" Good questions!

Gertrude is a fabulously stylish woman who lived a legacy in the fashion world in her own day. 
She was a high end lingerie boutique owner, importing lingerie from from France & Italy back in the 70's and up, she was a world traveller among many other things and also the Grandmother of my husband who resides in a small village north of Frankfurt Germany. The same village my husband was born in, grew up in and also the same place where we got married last summer. 

To make things even more special,  I got dressed in her home on the day of my marriage, last August alongside my bridesmaids and my mother, where my good friend Cindy Labrecque took some lovely photo's with her  film camera to commemorate the day.

Here are the images we came up with from our Spring-Summer 2018 Collection all of which are now currently available on our Etsy shop. 

As usual, all of the up-cycled designs in this collection are one-of-a-kind because they are made with an assortment of vintage materials like lace, embroidered cashmere, silk, vintage kimono fabric, men's dress shirts and many other special hand sourced treasures so if you see something you like you know what do!

Find this lovely vintage lace dress design on our Etsy shop

We're crazy about kimonos! 
Find this lovely lightweight Japanese inspired blouse made with vintage kimono fabrics on our Etsy shop while quantities last

Find this whimsical red infused frock (with pockets!) on our Etsy shop

Channel your inner sultry lounge singer in our Lady Sings the Blues dress, 
now available on our Etsy shop

This lovely Pashmina infused embroidered wool kimono jacket is also reversible and has pockets! 
A real work of art and a great stylish Spring alternative to a lightweight jacket this season. 
Totally one-of-a-kind and now up for grabs on our Etsy shop 

This one-size dress design is made in part from an amazing flexible black accordion pleated fabric with a wonderful drape. A seasonless style that looks great layered in cooler weather.

Spring-Summer 2018 Creative Team Credits

Photography - Thomas Ruppel

Model - Rebecca Krause
Paragon Models

Make Up Artistry - Christine Raab

Shot on location in 
K√∂nigstein - Im Taunus, Northern Germany 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Little Adhesif Anyone?

Yup! That's right! We've started an up-cycled toddlers + kids line of  which consists of gender neutral jackets + sweaters!

We've got so many ADORABLE pieces being made right now...

Since 2018 has rolled around we've been working up a storm in our creative studio putting together our first run of stock for the Bloom Baby Market which just so happens to be on my birthday! 
 I think that's a good omen, no?

Set in the heart of historic Fort Langley, Bloom Market is a unique carefully curated market where 28+ local artists and artisans showcase their work in the heart of the Fraser Valley. Admission is $2. Kids under 12 are always free. And proceeds from each market benefiting a local charity, which changes with each market.

Bloom Baby Market

MARCH 24th

9 - 3pm


Fort Langley Community Hall – 9167 Glover Rd, Langley B.C Canada

If you have any little ones in your life then you definitely do not want to miss this VERY popular event! This will be our first ever event featuring our kids line. 

Check out all the amazing vendors at Bloom Market's Instagram page

Hope to see you there!

Team Adhesif

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Stay Chic + Have Fun with Style At Any Age

We thought we would kick off 2018 with a blog post about the evolution of style and how that translates to us woman as we mature in our lives and tastes in fashion.

(Photo by Tanja Heffner)

Many of our own long term clients & avid return customers, for Adhesif Clothing, are women in their 50's and 60's who LOVE the sometimes quirky (and always whimsical)  individual personalities of our one-of-a-kind up-cycled designs...really it's just about finding that one piece that jumps out and speaks to you and and of course there's nothing better than a garment that feels good on as well as looks fantastic too. 

Having a cut that works with your body type is really important, once you have something that fits well you can really have fun with texture. color and patterns!

 Many of us, at different stages in our lives fall into a mentality where we think just because we're aging and our bodies are maturing that it means we can't be as expressive with our style, that it’s impossible to look good and feel, dare we say it, sexy? But that’s not just true, and there are a lot of women who look absolutely stunning in their twilight years.

Ageing is a natural process in life. And with age comes change; as you look into the mirror, you’ll notice that the person you are today may look very different from who you were 10 or 20 years ago. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look great in your 60's and beyond—after all, age is just a number. 

You’re always changing, so it’s only right that your sense of style should evolve and reflect who you are right now. Senior women in Canada are more active and are earning more money than ever, and it’s time to reward yourself with the gift of looking chic and timeless while you’re in your 60s. 
Here are easy ways to look fashionable in your golden years.

Learn to layer well

Layering your clothes in a stylish way can make you look great in your 60s. You can layer a chunky sweater over a slim-cut long-sleeved top to stay warm yet fashionable. Pair this combo with well-cut trousers or jeans. Be adventurous when layering—try a vest over a billowy tunic, or belt a long cardigan over a thin t-shirt. Make sure to pay attention to proportions to ensure that you look elegant and not bulky.

(Above photo by Clem Onojeghuo)

Choose comfortable yet beautiful shoes

Shoes can make or break any outfit. However, don’t go for outmoded heels or dated footwear. There are a lot of great looking shoes out there that are comfortable yet won’t make you look frumpy. Take your pick from fashionable flats, classic sneakers, boots, or pumps. Go for classic shapes for versatility, but have one fun pair for special events and parties.

(Above photo by Alexandra Gorn)


Spice up your outfit with well-chosen accessories. A long or chunky necklace can add interest to a plain t-shirt and trousers combo...

(Above photo by Pete Bellis)

...while a silver or gold watch paired with several bracelets can make any outfit instantly chic. A small or medium-sized leather bag in a rich colour such as chocolate, navy, maroon, or bottle green can elevate any outfit.

Don’t forget makeup

New research finds that when coupled with sunscreen, makeup can shield your skin against environmental ageing effects. 

A good makeup routine can make you look more energized, no matter how tired you feel. A little foundation or tinted moisturizer, brow product, eyeliner, blush, and lipgloss can also boost your spirits and make you feel more confident.

(Above photo by Tanja Heffner)

With a little effort and being open to trying new things, it’s possible to look stylish while in your 60s. Follow these tips to look chic and fabulous every day.

We would like to thank Lucy Lane, a professional freelance writer, for contributing towards this month's blog post. Lucy also edits for a fashion site, where she can combine her writing with her love of quirky fashion trends. Despite being married with two children, Lucy has vowed never to grow up, as she feels she could never be as glamorous and sophisticated as her mother, her lifelong inspiration.
Thank you Lucy! <3 XO

Friday, December 29, 2017

Wow! What a Year its Been!

I don't know about you but I've certainly had one heck of a year both personally and professionally. 
As 2017 comes to a close I felt it was only natural to cover some major highlights...

As many of you may know, I am the organizer for the annual Nifty for Fifty Sale
and this year we celebrated our 10th year anniversary!

What a milestone that was! 

...and to think the Nifty for Fifty Sale first started out as a mini event
in a little venue off Robson Street in Vancouver, BC where there was only Adhesif Clothing and a handful of other designers. 
Now a decade later there's a rotating selection of 30+ artists & designers
ranging from fashion to visual art, jewelry, ceramics and more.

Already looking forward to our next big event on April 15th 2018
Make sure you mark your calendars for the 11th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale!

Shortly before the Nifty for Fifty Sale happened we transitioned from our boutique location on Main Street in Vancouver, BC... 

...into our awesome NEW Showroom + Studio 
(by appointment)
located at Knight + Kingsway in Vancouver, BC.

Change isn't always easy but you know what they say, with every closed door there's an open one just waiting there for you! 
I can honestly say that this fresh new direction has really been the case for us.  

We've really welcomed the new transition as it has given us the ability to be able to focus more on the tedious creative process involved in ensuring that the quality and originality of our handmade 
one-of-a-kind garments stays true to its original intent. 
We really do make it look easy but the reality of it is that it takes countless hours of physical handiwork  (much of which I still do myself after 15 years since starting Adhesif Clothing) 

FYI we welcome appointments to shop in person at our studio 
Monday-Friday 11-6pm 

Email us to book an appointment

In the process of all of this professional change came some major exiting new personal changes as well. My wedding day!
(Which just happened to be on the other side of the globe in Germany 
where my husband Max is originally from)

I think it's really important, in life, to be grateful for everything received both big and small.
I feel so extremely blessed to have found Max. He has been my confidant, my best friend, lover and my rock through some of the recent challenges and adventures in my life and for that I am truly grateful.

Well those two weeks in Germany, this past August, went by SUPER quickly!
I had to rush back to Vancouver to finish prepping to participate in a string of upcoming holiday events starting in the early September and ending in mid December...

(Side note: Somehow in the middle of doing multiple back to back holiday markets, Max & I managed to move my apartment of 12 years into our new apartment...don't ask me how...)

Now we're back in Germany celebrating the holidays with family and friends

Like I's been one heck of a year 
One I'm sure I will look back on with some serious admiration for.

And guess what??
There's more in store!

It's true! 
We're taking another bite out of life!

Coming out in 2018, Adhesif Clothing will be creating an exclusive 
(and very limited) 
run of up-cycled sweaters and jackets for both boys and girls!
Aaaayyyyeee maaaa goodness it's gonna be so DARN KA-UTE!!

So FOLLOW US and keep your eyes and ears peeled on our Instagram page for updates 
in the New Year!

Signing off now in 2017 and wishing you all a healthy, prosperous and happy start into the new year ahead and all future days to follow.

Much love;