Friday, August 31, 2018

The Sweetest Sound I Ever Heard...

So it's been 2 months since our last blog post which was aptly titled 
"Creativity is Messy" 
and boooooy I couldn't have been more right! 

BIG HUGE things have happened in the last 9 weeks of my life with the introduction of a beautiful new life by the name of Valentia
Born at home on June 22nd 2018 at 10:18pm weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces

Everything you might've heard about having a baby is pretty much true...and then some! They're a tonne of work but I can tell you it is a love like no other I've ever felt before.
She's my morning, noon and night and through all the ups and not so ups it's her sweet mischievious little smile that brings unexplainable joy...

This was the wee muffin at only 8 days old...
The bunny in the cradle belonged to my husband Max when he was a baby...


So now you know what we've been up to this summer and you'll forgive me for 
keeping this blog post short. 
Next month we'll get back to all things Adhesif Clothing with the itroduction of a new collection! Until then wshing you all he very best dog days of summer and a great start in to the coming Fall season!

Photography by Kirsten Laufer

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Let's face it...creativity is messy

Well like the title of this months blog says, just like life...
creativity is a messy process... 

...and these last few months in the creative studio have certainly been no exception...

Since 2018 rolled around, team Adhesif has been pressing the peddle to the metal working hard on getting all of our Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter 2018 production complete with a June 1st deadline which was actually 4 months ahead of our normal schedule...and guess what?? We actually did it!!
What a triumph! Phewff! 

Needless to say, the studio has never looked more colorfully creative as of late!

What's the rush you may be wondering? 

Notice anything a little, um...ROUND in the above photo?
Looks like our team is getting bigger all the way around! 
(seriously, those dad jokes though)

Founder & designer Melissa Ferreira above is glowing from hard work on many levels. 
With the due date fast approaching (Like no joke...we're talking June 11th here guys!)
we'll be taking a much needed hiatus for the most part of this summer so we can focus on self care & to welcome our new little arrival into this next BIG beautiful chapter of our lives...

We recently had the opportunity to dish out the inside scoop with Edmonton based pod-caster Andrea Beca of "That's So Maven" . We chatted balancing creative and business brains, how important sustainable fashion is, and what it's like to be on the cusp of motherhood as a business owner. 

Check out the full podcast interview with Melissa Ferreira by Andrea Beca of "That's So Maven" following the link below...

With the sunshine gracing us with it's presence and glorious warm temperatures steadily rising, we want wish you all a wonderful approaching summer season which we hope will be filled with BBQ's on the patio, dips in the ocean or lakes and good times blessed with friends and family!
and remember when the going gets messy as it often can...

Oh and one more thing...if you happen to be on the breath taking Sunshine Coast this August, come say hi to us as we'll be showing and selling our collections at our only Summer event for the season...

Find us at the Hackett Park Festival Booth #12 in the center of the foot path right in front of the main entertainment stage 

Happy Summer season everyone! 
Hope to see you there!

Photography of Melissa by Andrea Beça, Jennifer Picard Photography & Melissa Ferreira

Monday, April 30, 2018

Slow Made Revolution

Did you catch all of the amazing posts on social media about Fashion Revolution week last week? There's over 30k in posts on Instagram right now under #fashionrevolutionweek alone! Wow! What a global movement we have happening right now!


It's so inspiring to see SO many home grown businesses, designers, makers, up-cyclers and creative’s creating this amazing dialogue surrounding topics about sustainable choices, the slow made culture and ethically made fashion.

Now in the 5th year running, we were more than happy to take part in the campaign this past week throwing in a few posts of our small (but fierce) team

This morning I woke up to the most amazing thank you email from the team at Fashion Revolution Week and I wanted to share their words because to be quite honest I don't think there's any way for me to paraphrase this movement any better...

"It is because of your voice, persistence and continued support that we have grown to become the biggest fashion activism movement on the planet. We are stronger when we speak and work together. Thank you so much! Please keep walking alongside us on the journey towards a fair, clean, safe and more beautiful fashion industry."

We are proud that Fashion Revolution Week highlights the processes and celebrates the makers behind our clothing, those who are so often invisible and marginalized.

We are proud that Fashion Revolution Week also showcases the young designers who are starting their journey with innovation and sincerity at the heart of their businesses and celebrates the trailblazers who are using their power to change the fashion industry from the inside. 

It is a Fashion Week that values brands for their openness and not their mystery, that calls for permanent legislation and not just passing trends, and that encourages people to fall back in love with the clothes they already own rather than sells the latest styles.
Thank you for supporting us on social media, for asking #WhoMadeMyClothes, for responding with #IMadeYourClothes and for taking part in one or more of the well over 1,000 events that were held globally this week alone.

To carry the conversation a bit further we had the opportunity to talk with Andrea Beca this morning, in our creative studio, on her pod cast "That's So Maven".
We chatted about topics surrounding slow made culture the slow fashion movement, sustainability, being an entrepreneur and long time boss lady, feelings on soon to be motherhood + everything in between. 

Super cool that she chose us to be her very first Vancouver interviewee too!
Catch the segment on her web page coming soon also check out her Instagram page for some very inspiring stories @yegmavens 

I'll sign off this month's blog post by saying that one resounding message I kept hearing through the last week's dialogue was the feeling of overwhelm many of us feel when it comes to making empowered choices for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Keep in mind there are so many different ways to create change. The most important thing to keep in mind is keep learning and keep trying and keep sharing until sustainable choices become second nature. Starting with saying no to that plastic bag at the grocery store, bring your own portable food + drink containers, shop local as much a possible and consider sourcing vintage, second hand or gently loved items. Repair items as apposed to throwing them away or pass them on! 
Together we can all be apart of the change we wish to see for a healthier more positive future.

Much love,

Team Adhesif 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Gertrude's Haus - Making of Spring Summer 2018

I remember the first time I walked into Gertrude's house. 
It was pure magic like stepping back into time. 
There stood before me in all its glory a perfectly curated museum like film set for a Wes Anderson film that has yet to be discovered. 
Filled with vintage silk brocade chaise lounges, damask wall paper, porcelain tea ware, mixed with baroque and art nouveau influences in total pristine condition. 

Such class, such charm, such elegance...I was visually blissed out. I knew I had to figure out a way to preserve this relic of a style long forgotten. So when the opportunity to do a photo shoot in this magical place came up, I of course jumped on right on it.

Just to back up a little bit. You might be asking yourself "Who's Gertrude" and "How did I come across her house" Good questions!

Gertrude is a fabulously stylish woman who lived a legacy in the fashion world in her own day. 
She was a high end lingerie boutique owner, importing lingerie from from France & Italy back in the 70's and up, she was a world traveller among many other things and also the Grandmother of my husband who resides in a small village north of Frankfurt Germany. The same village my husband was born in, grew up in and also the same place where we got married last summer. 

To make things even more special,  I got dressed in her home on the day of my marriage, last August alongside my bridesmaids and my mother, where my good friend Cindy Labrecque took some lovely photo's with her  film camera to commemorate the day.

Here are the images we came up with from our Spring-Summer 2018 Collection all of which are now currently available on our Etsy shop. 

As usual, all of the up-cycled designs in this collection are one-of-a-kind because they are made with an assortment of vintage materials like lace, embroidered cashmere, silk, vintage kimono fabric, men's dress shirts and many other special hand sourced treasures so if you see something you like you know what do!

Find this lovely vintage lace dress design on our Etsy shop

We're crazy about kimonos! 
Find this lovely lightweight Japanese inspired blouse made with vintage kimono fabrics on our Etsy shop while quantities last

Find this whimsical red infused frock (with pockets!) on our Etsy shop

Channel your inner sultry lounge singer in our Lady Sings the Blues dress, 
now available on our Etsy shop

This lovely Pashmina infused embroidered wool kimono jacket is also reversible and has pockets! 
A real work of art and a great stylish Spring alternative to a lightweight jacket this season. 
Totally one-of-a-kind and now up for grabs on our Etsy shop 

This one-size dress design is made in part from an amazing flexible black accordion pleated fabric with a wonderful drape. A seasonless style that looks great layered in cooler weather.

Spring-Summer 2018 Creative Team Credits

Photography - Thomas Ruppel

Model - Rebecca Krause
Paragon Models

Make Up Artistry - Christine Raab

Shot on location in 
Königstein - Im Taunus, Northern Germany