Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mari Claro makes magic 99% of the time, everytime!

Mario Claro is an eclectic team of designers, scientists, engineers, geniuses and connoisseurs.

They are a small design collective based in Toronto whose aim is to create sustainable designs. They focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the production of bags. All Mariclaro bags are 99% recycled (the 1% is made up of thread and our logo; still not available recycled) and made in a sustainable way.

They think it is important to demonstrate that it is possible to create functional and aesthetically appealing goods from waste material. They offer products that are made locally by hand in a socially responsible manner and are characterized by high quality.

Mari Claro supports fair trade, sweatshop-free production, and pay fair wages. They're team believes that every purchase decision one makes has an effect on one’s self, their community, and the environment. It is a step to environmentally conscious consumer culture. They are proud of diverting waste and reducing the ecological footprint of our society.
Mari Claro is obviously cut from the same jib as their westcoast neighbors and for this reason, we here at Adhesif Clothing, are proud to be carrying select designs at our shop at 2202 Main Street, Vancouver BC.

We have the above stylish designs in rich colors of tan, slate and burgandy and the pricepoint is incredibly reasonable! Ranging from $119-$269 retail.

I just have to mention how impressed I am by the use of seatbelt buckles and inner tubes. The inner tubes are used in the piping of their bags as well as trimming on some of their designs. Not only does this reinforce the bag for impeccable quality but it also gives such cool character.

Aside from all of the above the other bonus factor is the fact that their bags are uni-sex! Yay! Now the boys get to play too! Come by and have a look, if not just for pure interest sake. Truly inspiring

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