Thursday, January 13, 2011

Patina and Bronsino Designs by Denise Wilson

Patina Designs is dedicated to the creation of unique accessories. All  products are handcrafted in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Denise Wilson's background is in the Fine Arts, having studied in Vancouver and Florence, Italy. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America and makes regular trips to Peru to live for a few months at a time. Art, design, travel, language and other cultures have always been a huge part of her life and continue to influence and inspire her work. In summer 2005 Bronsino Designs for Living, was born.

The name Bronsino pays homage to her husband's family home in Lima, Peru (Calle Bronsino) which is named after the 16th century Florentine artist Agnolo Bronzino. The finely crafted handbags and accessories from the Bronsino collection are classically inspired works of art produced in very limited numbers. All items are handcrafted in Vancouver of the finest quality materials.

We here at Adhesif Clothing Company are proud to be carrying a lovely and colorful selection of Patina accessories like the ever useful mini, medium and large sizes of coin purses (as seen above). As well as the gorgeous Harlem and Munich bags. Some of Denise's items are also available in recycled leather and requests are welcome!

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