Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sweetest Un-mentionables by "Shea Couturiere"

Shea Couturiere Lingerie is based in Vancouver, BC and is designed and handmade by Shea O'Connor.
After graduating from Toronto's Academy of Design and Technology and while trying her hand out in couture fashion in Eastern Canada, Shea also developed a love for Burlesque showmanship.
Voila! Shea Couturiere was born in Vancouver back in 2001.

Being that I've been pals and work associates with Shea for a number years now, it's fair to say that her willingness to share a laugh, mixed with a bit of a cheeky outlook on life transcends into her naughty but nice, flirty and colorful unmentionables.

Each one of Shea Couturiere's pieces are not only playful but comfortable too! Most all of the undies and bra's are made of a soft, stretch lace that come in a array of colors and sizes. After chatting with Shea in my studio the other evening, she confessed to the fact that she actually hand dyes much of the lace herself! Incredible.

I absolutely ADORE the above lacey lovlies and at only $65 for these incredible handmade panties I may just have to covet them all to myself!

But where oh where can you find your very own sweetest unmentionable?! Why right here at the Adhesif Clothing store (2202 Main Street) but for a limited time only so get your little tookas down here and peruse through our amazing selection! Ranging in price from $15 and to $115 the waaay, did you know Valentine's Day is in exactly 10 days from now?! I know right? Like where did that come from? So your probably plotting and scheming all kinds of romantic wonders for the love of your life? Wondering what to get your partner?
Pisshhhaw! What better present than yourself! Tee hee...
Strike a POSE! :)

For more info on Shea and her line visit

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