Thursday, March 3, 2011

Memories of Adhesif's F/W 11 Collection at Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

Well seeing as how it's been a week today since Adhesif's Fall-Winter 2011 collection debut at Eco Fashion week we thought it would be fitting to show you some of what our girls were struttin' on the catwalk... 

Some behind the scenes shots of the clothing eagerly awaiting showtime.
Hipstamtic photo's courtesy of Jillian Zdunich.


 I scoured over 16 different vintage shops to find these vintage boots ! I even ordered a couple pairs on-line and had a few pals lend me theirs! I did all this as well as create all of the pieces for the show in less than 3 weeks! Talk about pressure or what?

                              First outfit onto the runway! Above photo courtesy of Peter Holst

I had a lot of fun styling for this collection. I used vintage fur hats and cable knit tights as well as necklaces by Darwin Jewellry and belts by Cokluch and Patina. All items can be found in our shop at 2202 Main street.
Photo courtesy of Yvonne Chew

It's finished!! A big THANK YOU to all of my friends, family and colleagues in making this show possible.
You know who you are ;)  Clap clap clap...

Check out the below link for some fun video footage courtesy of Micheala Gardner who was one of our lovely models for the show :)

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