Sunday, September 30, 2018

Reaching for Remade - Fall Winter 2018 Collection

We would like to introduce our current Fall-Winter 2018 collection now available for purchase on our Etsy shop. As usual all of the designs are extremely limited and in some 
cases completely one-of-a kind so you know the drill! If you snooze you loose! 

Have burning questions? Want one of our designs personalized? Just drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you! 

Behind the scenes with our creative team shot on location in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year.

Our Fall-Winter 2018 Collection was published in a back cover feature, titled "Reaching for Remade" in New York based fashion magazine Promo Magazine Autumn issue #58

To see the entire publication you can purchase your digital or print issue online, 
just follow the link below...

We would like to acknowledge the following talents for their amazing collaborate efforts!
Thanks team! We love you!

Photography by Thomas Ruppel

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Sweetest Sound I Ever Heard...

So it's been 2 months since our last blog post which was aptly titled 
"Creativity is Messy" 
and boooooy I couldn't have been more right! 

BIG HUGE things have happened in the last 9 weeks of my life with the introduction of a beautiful new life by the name of Valentia
Born at home on June 22nd 2018 at 10:18pm weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces

Everything you might've heard about having a baby is pretty much true...and then some! They're a tonne of work but I can tell you it is a love like no other I've ever felt before.
She's my morning, noon and night and through all the ups and not so ups it's her sweet mischievious little smile that brings unexplainable joy...

This was the wee muffin at only 8 days old...
The bunny in the cradle belonged to my husband Max when he was a baby...


So now you know what we've been up to this summer and you'll forgive me for 
keeping this blog post short. 
Next month we'll get back to all things Adhesif Clothing with the itroduction of a new collection! Until then wshing you all he very best dog days of summer and a great start in to the coming Fall season!

Photography by Kirsten Laufer

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Let's face it...creativity is messy

Well like the title of this months blog says, just like life...
creativity is a messy process... 

...and these last few months in the creative studio have certainly been no exception...

Since 2018 rolled around, team Adhesif has been pressing the peddle to the metal working hard on getting all of our Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter 2018 production complete with a June 1st deadline which was actually 4 months ahead of our normal schedule...and guess what?? We actually did it!!
What a triumph! Phewff! 

Needless to say, the studio has never looked more colorfully creative as of late!

What's the rush you may be wondering? 

Notice anything a little, um...ROUND in the above photo?
Looks like our team is getting bigger all the way around! 
(seriously, those dad jokes though)

Founder & designer Melissa Ferreira above is glowing from hard work on many levels. 
With the due date fast approaching (Like no joke...we're talking June 11th here guys!)
we'll be taking a much needed hiatus for the most part of this summer so we can focus on self care & to welcome our new little arrival into this next BIG beautiful chapter of our lives...

We recently had the opportunity to dish out the inside scoop with Edmonton based pod-caster Andrea Beca of "That's So Maven" . We chatted balancing creative and business brains, how important sustainable fashion is, and what it's like to be on the cusp of motherhood as a business owner. 

Check out the full podcast interview with Melissa Ferreira by Andrea Beca of "That's So Maven" following the link below...

With the sunshine gracing us with it's presence and glorious warm temperatures steadily rising, we want wish you all a wonderful approaching summer season which we hope will be filled with BBQ's on the patio, dips in the ocean or lakes and good times blessed with friends and family!
and remember when the going gets messy as it often can...

Oh and one more thing...if you happen to be on the breath taking Sunshine Coast this August, come say hi to us as we'll be showing and selling our collections at our only Summer event for the season...

Find us at the Hackett Park Festival Booth #12 in the center of the foot path right in front of the main entertainment stage 

Happy Summer season everyone! 
Hope to see you there!

Photography of Melissa by Andrea Be├ža, Jennifer Picard Photography & Melissa Ferreira