Friday, August 18, 2017

The Biggest Day of My Life...

I remember the day we first met almost 6 years ago...

We met at a Halloween house party in Marpole, Vancouver, BC. 
There were 800 people at this house, totally insane! 

I was dressed as a 1950's sailor 
(pixie cut hair, white vintage sailor jacket + white cap and everything...very authentic)  
Max was dressed as Wolverine and the costume was SPOT on!
I'm a sucker for authentic costume...
that and the fact that he looked exactly like Hugh Jackman...hubba hubba was basically love at first sight...

He was the first person I saw and the only person I talked to for about an hour before he had to rush off to take care of  an incapacitated friend...what a swell guy! :)

Max is originally from Germany and had only been visiting Vancouver for a few months when we met. Funny enough, I had already bought a ticket to go to Germany 2 months prior!
Maybe not...I think it was fate...
(yes that's right, I'm a sappy hopeless romantic!)

We messaged each other every day after our first encounter. 
One of our first dates was at a Christmas Market in Frankfurt briefly while I was travelling there...

We've been inspereable ever since...

...and in one week from tomorrow 
we get to spend the rest of our lives creating our journey together as husband and wife where we will be married near Max's hometown in Germany.

I thank my lucky stars every single day for providing me with my greatest companion, friend, partner, lover and soul mate <3

HUGE thanks to Jennifer Picard for having the insight to capture 
these beautiful photo's during our first trip to the Sunshine Coast, BC years ago...

Check out her website to see some serious photographic gorgeousness! 

Stay tuned next month for our exciting next blog post with pics 
from the big day! 

Adhesif xo