Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking back at the 5th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale

                                       The 5th Annual Nifty for Fifty was a complete success! 

As we opened the doors to our 5th Annual Nifty for Fifty the crowd piled in for hours on end! And why not? With discounts as much as 85% off of handmade quality goods, this is local design sale like no other! It's like an indie-designer boxing day in April! What better time to revamp your spring-summer wardrobe!

 Thanks to all of you who made it out to this indie-designer extravaganza...aaaand what an amazing & diverse line up of vendors this year! Let's meet them shall we?

Mitmunk by Wayne Elliot & Heather Joan Tam

Flightpath by Naomi Joy Yamamoto 

Phaulet Resin Jewellery by Paula Gonzalez 

Paintings by Carylann Loepky and Leona Bentz from Kitsch Kraft 

Nateah Studio's by Natalie Larose (above)

Carnal Design by Tina Tam

Toodlebunny by Trudy Wynans 

Daub & Design by Lexi Soukoreff 

Raven's Rest Studio by Jennifer Conway 

Morena Clothing by Marcy Ross

Unconventional Jewellery by Emma Guardamagna

Hand knitted tuques by Sola Fiedler 

Paired Hummingbirds by Amanda Cook

Floating Gold Iceberg by Angelica Reid

Jennifer Jones Jewellery by Jennifer Jones

Carny Love by Christie Clayton

Forsya by Julie Hebb

Whisper Jewels by Rubina Mangat

Borgi Borga by Kyla Bourgh

Honeywild by Stina Gans

Irit Sorokin Designs

Bueno Style by Christi York

Bianca Barr Designs

Misty Greer of Trunkshow

The life of the party designers Erin Templeton & Allison Smith of Allison Wonderland

BPA Metalcraft by Brendalyn Avender 

Event Organizer & Designer of Adhesif Clothing

We certainly get by with a little help from our friends! Thanks to all of our lovely volunteers! Alanna, Paula, Max, Ashleigh, Mattea & of course Mama Ferreira ;) xo

Sad you missed out? Well don't be! The date for the 6th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale is set! 
Mark your 2013 calendar for April 14th 11-8pm 
at the lovely Heritage Hall Building 3102 Main Street, Vancouver BC Canada
For more info contact