Friday, December 29, 2017

Wow! What a Year its Been!

I don't know about you but I've certainly had one heck of a year both personally and professionally. 
As 2017 comes to a close I felt it was only natural to cover some major highlights...

As many of you may know, I am the organizer for the annual Nifty for Fifty Sale
and this year we celebrated our 10th year anniversary!

What a milestone that was! 

...and to think the Nifty for Fifty Sale first started out as a mini event
in a little venue off Robson Street in Vancouver, BC where there was only Adhesif Clothing and a handful of other designers. 
Now a decade later there's a rotating selection of 30+ artists & designers
ranging from fashion to visual art, jewelry, ceramics and more.

Already looking forward to our next big event on April 15th 2018
Make sure you mark your calendars for the 11th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale!

Shortly before the Nifty for Fifty Sale happened we transitioned from our boutique location on Main Street in Vancouver, BC... 

...into our awesome NEW Showroom + Studio 
(by appointment)
located at Knight + Kingsway in Vancouver, BC.

Change isn't always easy but you know what they say, with every closed door there's an open one just waiting there for you! 
I can honestly say that this fresh new direction has really been the case for us.  

We've really welcomed the new transition as it has given us the ability to be able to focus more on the tedious creative process involved in ensuring that the quality and originality of our handmade 
one-of-a-kind garments stays true to its original intent. 
We really do make it look easy but the reality of it is that it takes countless hours of physical handiwork  (much of which I still do myself after 15 years since starting Adhesif Clothing) 

FYI we welcome appointments to shop in person at our studio 
Monday-Friday 11-6pm 

Email us to book an appointment

In the process of all of this professional change came some major exiting new personal changes as well. My wedding day!
(Which just happened to be on the other side of the globe in Germany 
where my husband Max is originally from)

I think it's really important, in life, to be grateful for everything received both big and small.
I feel so extremely blessed to have found Max. He has been my confidant, my best friend, lover and my rock through some of the recent challenges and adventures in my life and for that I am truly grateful.

Well those two weeks in Germany, this past August, went by SUPER quickly!
I had to rush back to Vancouver to finish prepping to participate in a string of upcoming holiday events starting in the early September and ending in mid December...

(Side note: Somehow in the middle of doing multiple back to back holiday markets, Max & I managed to move my apartment of 12 years into our new apartment...don't ask me how...)

Now we're back in Germany celebrating the holidays with family and friends

Like I's been one heck of a year 
One I'm sure I will look back on with some serious admiration for.

And guess what??
There's more in store!

It's true! 
We're taking another bite out of life!

Coming out in 2018, Adhesif Clothing will be creating an exclusive 
(and very limited) 
run of up-cycled sweaters and jackets for both boys and girls!
Aaaayyyyeee maaaa goodness it's gonna be so DARN KA-UTE!!

So FOLLOW US and keep your eyes and ears peeled on our Instagram page for updates 
in the New Year!

Signing off now in 2017 and wishing you all a healthy, prosperous and happy start into the new year ahead and all future days to follow.

Much love;