Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adhesif Clothing welcomes Raven Mountain into our clan of artisans

The Adhesif Clothing Shoppe is pleased to welcome our newest addition to our growing artisan clan, featuring amazing leather work by "Raven Mountain"

Raven Mountain was created by Lady Luck Bug, in her kitchen studio in 2010.
Based out of beautiful Golden BC Canada she specializes in making wearable art out of leather.

Raven Mountain believes in making fashionable as well as functional pieces that will last for many years. Huh...funny that...because that is exactly the same moto we here strive for at Adhesif Clothing.
A BIG part of having a sustainable mind frame means quality versus quantity. 
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies behind "Raven Mountain" at the "Out of Hand" market in Victoria, BC and I got to tell you...I was SUPER impressed with their handy work!

Accessories and Moccassins created by Raven Mountains are made using an incorporation of traditional leather techniques, with a modern twist in the imagery. Lady Luck Bug tools, pyrographys, stains and stitches every piece by hand. Guaranteeing that everything is one of a kind!

As I hung out with Tammy, the creator, she spoke to me of her process...In the middle of our conversation, I asked her to show me her hands (as I know how difficult leather work can be on the hands)..."yup" I smiled and said, "those are the mighty beautiful  hands of an artisan". Tammy went on to to tell me how she jabbed her finger the other day with her Awl...OUCH! For ALL of you out there (no pun intended) below is a picture of an "Awl"...a primary tool in hand making leather pieces...

Tammy went on to tell me how much time and trial and error was invested into mastering the creation of her Moccasins, to insure the skills needed to have the confidence that Raven Mountain will only make high quality wears. Lady Luck Bug also owner of Rainbow Threads has incorporated her unique skills
of appliqué to create stunning foot wear.

We are proud to say we now carry a selection of "Raven Moutain's" handmade ankle fringe moccassins (above).  The hide is very durrable and is a cross between nubuck and suede. The moccassins also have crepe souls sewn right into the moccassins! These leathery wonders are some of the nicest and most well made mocc's I've ever seen. Come by and have a gander and try on a pair while quantities last! ;)

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