Friday, October 26, 2012

The last 6 weeks at Adhesif Clothing in blinks...

Hooo boy...

The last 6 weeks here at Adhesif Clothing have gone by in what feels like mere moments. I came across a quote once that has stuck in mind for years after I read it. "Occupy your time with something that makes hours feel like minutes...that is certainly true of my profession. Even if there were 48 hours in the day, there still wouldn't be enough time.

With that said I will fill you all in with what I've been busy with here in Adhesif Clothing land.

Since my last posting, there has been a new art hanging in the shop by local painter Cynthia Miller...

Vancouver artist and teacher Cynthia Miller leads viewers on an exotic journey through colors  sights and movements. Cynthia's paintings are inspired by several years traveling, studying and working in Europe, Australia, Latin America and Africa. The vivid styles of art in countries like Guatemala, Cuba and France influence her bright palette and lively subject matter. 

All of the paintings currently on display at the Adhesif Clothing shop are Cynthia's oil paintings, which she told me takes approx 6 months just to dry! 
If you are in the neighborhood swing by and have a look. You'll find yourself magically whisked away to the country side of France
...and without the expense of the airfare! ;)

For more info on Cynthia Miller's beautiful work check out her website

Just as soon as Cynthia's work was up on our walls I received a phone call from Myriam Laroche, founder of Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 

"Hey Melissa! We would like to have Adhesif Clothing as the closing show for Eco Fashion Week this season!'' Of course I was absolutely THRILLED! With only 4 weeks to create 30 one-of-a-kind outfits, alongside our regular Fall-Winter production and tending to my boutique...I thought to myself ''Oh MAN! Better get cracking'' I do like a good challenge...

Now, I would like to provide a VERY brief re-cap of Adhesif Clothing at EFW as I would like to recollect this experience more extensively in the New Year with the new season. For now here is a small sneak peak...

Behind stage arranging my line up for showtime...
A few of my FAVE outfits from the line up with foot candy by Fluevog Shoes 

.. at the end I even did a little dance on the runway...the models had no idea what was actually happening behind them at this point. It was awesome...

A more extensive review of Adhesif Clothing's runway show to come in the new year ;)

Since Eco Fashion Week, things here at the Adhesif Clothing shop haven't stopped for a moment!
Busy busy preparing some very excellent pieces for the Adhesif Clothing booth at the Circle Craft Christmas Market!
Our booth number is #W14 right by the fashion stage!
This will be the first year Circle Craft has ever had a full fashion show showcasing some amazing Canadian talent over the course of 5 days!
Come by and see what special pieces we have created just for our most favorite market of the year!

Circle Craft Christmas Market Show Info:
Wednesday, Nov 7 till Sunday, Nov 11, 2012
Vancouver Convention Centre West.1055 Canada Place., Vancouver, BC. 

Wednesday thru Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

In 1973, Circle Craft Co-operative presented its first Christmas Market in the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, “The Cultch.” The success of that inaugural event has resulted in 38 successive Markets, to which generations of Vancouverites and visitors have attended, enjoying a Market where they come face to face with fine BC and Canadian artisans and their work: Clothing design, wood-turners, glassblowers, sculptors and potters, jewellery designers, toy-makers, and many more.

Follow the link below for tickets to this amazing 5 day show!

I leave you now with a little peek at some of the awesome pieces we have been busy putting together for sale and display at Circle Craft...Seriously you do not want to miss out on some sweet picks ;)
Hope to see you all there! 

Our VERY popular Uptown Vest & Cityscape Skirt from our current Fall-Winter 12 Collection

There will a nice array of our popular re-worked sweaters and cardigans made from recycled cashmere & lambswool! Stay cozy & get serious cool points!

We will have our staple Fingerless Mittens for all your text messaging, 
outdoor sushi eating, page flipping needs! 

The Boxcar Coat!

Our signature Mini-Capelet designed and inspired after a 1950s caplet design
An excellent layering piece!

Lace Box Blouse & Cotton Spin Skirt

Destination Dress in jersey and reclaimed stretch cashmere-lambswool combo

We only have about a dozen of these J-Walk Cardigans available in sizes s/m & m/l. 
Of course its our signature color combinations you just got to check out!

Turban style tuques available in crimson, leopard, black and chocolate velvet, cream and a beautiful eyelet cable knit coral.

The list goes on and on! 
Remember, all of these beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces will still be available in our Flagship location at 2202 Main Street Vancouver until Nov 5th. Then we take the majority of our pieces to sell at Circle Craft. 
Anything left will be brought back to our shop after the show ends.
We will of course be replenishing some items for our final sale of the year...

December 8.12 | 11 - 9
December 9.12 | 10 - 6

Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.

Admission is FREE!

 Check out the SFM blog for more info and to see the amazing designer line up!
So thrilled to be apart of this gang of excellent Vancouver talent for the second year!!