Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Adhesif Clothing's FW 2017

Yup, that's right...I said the F word
I hate to break it to you folks but in the world of most fashion designer's right now 
that's where we've been hiding all Spring-Summer. 
It's the irony of having to be at least one season forward in our industry, always thinking ahead...

I collected, laundered and hung to dry 90 pounds of reclaimed wool sweaters back in May...

Since then I've been feverishly working away on deconstructing all of the sweaters to create our fabric yardage to put towards the creation of our 
Fall-Winter 2017 designs as well as other popular knitwear favorites...

(..which might explain why I totally missed a blog post in June HA! :-P)

I'm actually right in the middle of working on this new patch work cowl scarf design from 
our Fall-Winter 2017 collection and it's taken me the last week 
just to put together x15 of the outer pieces alone...

Despite the tedious workload, I'm feeling REALLY excited with the 
end result of this new scarf design... 

We had the pleasure of having our photo shoot in a beautiful vintage style, rustic studio called 
NOIR Studio on location next to Frankfurt in Germany.

HMUA by the fabulous Christine Raab 

All of the photo's for this collection were shot with available light which is Thomas's specialty 
Check out more of Thomas's work here...

 Liliana Sobral was hands down the sweetest, liveliest, most fun model 
I've ever had the pleasure to work with!
LOVED her <3

Aside from designing new collections, I absolutely LOVE being the creative director/stylist on all of my shoots, here I am making sure the wall 
doesn't jump out and bite the lovely Lili :D

There's a lot of planning that goes into organizing a professional fashion photo shoot. 
The combination of this beautiful location, experienced model and over all the attention and efforts of a creative team made this shoot super magical! 
Definitely the easiest and seamless shoots I've ever had the pleasure of being apart of.

Stay tuned next month where we do a full unveiling of the collection on our online shop, website and social media outlets. 

Until then I just wanted to also mention we will be apart of an exclusive, NEW and exciting event called First Pick Handmade this September. 

This will be our first event of the Fall-Winter 2017 season where you can get your hands on select designs from our new collection!

A handmade fashion and accessories show with a boutique department store feel. 
Shop for your new Fall 2017 look and get first pick directly from local and Canadian designers. 
Clothing, Jewelry, Hats, Winter Accessories, Shoes, Bags and more, curated just for you. What will you find first at First Pick?

SEPTEMBER 16 & 17, 2017
at Heritage Hall 3102 Main Street in Vancouver BC 
Saturday 11-7pm
Sunday 10-6pm
Tickets: $3.00 at the door

Hope to see you there!