Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hooray for Being 4 With So Much More in Store!

Did you know that the number Four is the only number that has the same number of characters as its value in mathematics? Isn't Math totally amazing?

Did you also know that this month also marks another milestone for the Adhesif Clothing shop? This  month marks 4 years since the Adhesif Clothing Shop has opened it's door back in May of 2010.

It's totally crazy how fast time flies! We even made an obscure handmade collage as an invite for our opening :) Have a look at the link below of an interview from Shaw Cable's The Express on the day of our GRAND Opening!

Openly, I can tell you that there's a HUGE difference from being an independent artist/designer to assuming the role of retail owner. Having a rigid 6 days work schedule with regular opening & closing hours has it's challenges but there are also some serious benefits too. I am at the shop from Tues-Sat normally where I'm dealing one on one with dozens of established and new clients daily. 

Since opening the shop, I've really advanced my technical skills as a designer, like garment fit, as well as constant learning about what my clientele's lifestyle needs are. This experience has definitely made my brand stronger and helped with fine tuning my collections. Maintaining a sustainable edge is very important to my business mission. All the garments created by Adhesif Clothing are still made with up to 95% reclaimed & vintage textile & notions. 

It has been really amazing seeing the evolution the shop and the brand has taken through the years. When I first opened the shop back in May of 2010, I wanted to create a sort of open space/gallery feeling. 
I wanted all of the one of a kind treasures found in the shop to be in their own spotlight.
In the beginning, there was A LOT more space...

I managed to maintain a similar vibe but with a lot more selection.
This is what the shop looks like now...

When the Adhesif Clothing shop first opened we were only carrying a few other local designers but now we have the work of over 50 other independent local & Canadian designers, most of whom are also creating upcycled & sustainable designs by hand.

We are so thrilled at how far Adhesif Clothing has come since establishing our sustainable line in 2003 as a way of saying thank to our loyal fans we are giving a $15 discount on our Etsy shop (available for on-line purchases only) from now until June 30th 2014.

With over 100 items to choose from on our shop currently we hope you might find something to your liking.

Just enter promo code HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY upon your purchase to redeem your discount. Happy shopping and thanks again!