Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Love for Vintage Eyewear

I absolutely LOVE vintage fashion & accessories...

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across a  
Die Brillenwerkstat
(a vintage eyeglass boutique) 
during my annual visit to Konigstein in the Taunus region of Germany. 

Die Brillenwerkstat offers eyewear from the 20th and 21st centuries.
Most of the frames are original and unworn dead stock pieces. 

But what is dead stock you may ask?
Typically a term used in the vintage fashion scene.

A term used to describe merchandise that was never sold to or used by consumers before being removed from sale, usually because it was outdated. Dead stock is often warehoused, but it can also subsequently be offered for sale and typically retains its original package and tags

Each pair of glasses tells a story and symbolizes an era. 
(one of the many reasons for my love for vintage fashion...I love a good story)

Being that retro chic is usually always a big deal in the fashion world, cheap generic reproductions of vintage frames are mass made and sold in fast fashion outlets like Urban Outfitters or H&M but NOTHING beats the real deal. 
Vintage frames not only have better character but are often made with superior craftsmanship.

With more than 30 years of professional experience, Thomas Neumann is also a certified optician who provides friendly, competent advice and is a wealth of historical information for each specially hand selected pair he offers in his well curated shop.
He offers reliable service when selecting your very own coveted pair of vintage frames.

Max picked out his second pair of vintage frames on our last visit (above) 
A sweet pair of drool worthy 1930's Tortoiseshell frames. Thomas told us that the only other similar pair he had was sold to jazz musician from New badass!

I got myself a pair of dead stock 1950's cat eye sunnies (with real glass frames) which I adore and wear daily...AND they were also only 20 Euro...what a steal!

(above device used for oiling the screws of rusty frames)

I know what you're thinking...Germany's way too far away for you to visit Die Brillenwerstat 
but you're in luck! 
Thomas has a great on-line shop where you can see some of his great offerings!
Just follow the link below...

Or check out Die Brillenwerkstat's Facebook Page 

Can't wait for my next visit!