Friday, December 17, 2010

See my vest, see my vest...

Today I would like to talk about one of my favorite Fall-Winter items from our 2010 collection.
I have to admit I am completely obsessed with wearing my very own "Gents Vest"!

I for one love wearing vests and really love the quality and styling of vintage men's suit vests in particular. The problem is that most men's suit vests are boxy and of course designed for a man.

We've solved this dilema by reshaping and tailoring the vests to fit the contour of a women's figure.

Adhesif's "Gents Vest" is the perfect statement piece for layering and is a great way to add your own personal flare to any outfit!
This design was inspired by the androgynous styling of the 1930's

Details include a western style lapel, cut from reclaimed leather, as well as mismatched vintage glass and metallic buttons.

We replaced the back of the vests with an eraser style back made with a patchwork of mainly lambswool and cashmere sweaters.
I would also like to mention how awesome it is to have those little pockets that exist on the vest. I LOVE pockets! :)

 I've been wearing my vest over top of my favorite little black dress or with a long sleeve tee and high waist knee shorts. Of course a simple
t-shirt and jeans is always an option.
Again, just a really great piece for layering.

We have at least a dozen in really great color combinations and compositions.
Get yours today at our shop at 2202 Main street in Vancouver, BC 
or on-line at

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