Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reclaimed leather at it's finest by Montreal designer Cokluch

I came across Laurie & Christine's line "Cokluch" at my first participation in the One of a Kind Show and sale in Toronto back in 2008. I instantly became a fan of their work!

The story begins in 2007, when Laurie Lemieux, a vivacious entrepreneur and BA. in Interior Design, and Christine Guérin, costumer for the Cirque du Soleil and Fashion Design graduate, became partners and founded Cokluch. 

Aside from the fact that their craftmanship is unbelievably immpecable, the designs that this duo create are extremely stylish, slick and verstaile. All this AND their pieces are made with reclaimed leather! After having the chance to hang out with the duo over the last few years, I've had the chance to shop talk and swap stories about the trials and tribulations of creating clothing made out of reclaimed materials.

I can't tell you how statisfying it is to meet these fashionable kindred sisters, warriors of mother earth.

I recollect Laurie describing to me what they physically go through in terms of sourcing old leather jackets and coats for the creation of their amazing re-worked jackets, coats, bags etc.
They realize the importance of reducing our footprint on the environment, two young ladies come forward with an astute way of making fashion rhyme with responsible consuming.

They have a shop in Montreal at 410-A Villeray Street (ph: 514.273.5700) which coinsidentally also carries my own line Adhesif Clothing! *Snicker* I LOVE cross promotion!

You can find their very excellent pieces in 14 stores across Canada as well my own shop at 2202 Main Street Vancouver. See our website for shop hours

Below are some images of the "one of a kind" designs that are currently in our shop. Over the holidays, be sweet to yourself and mother earth and swing by and pick out your very own Cokluch item. Afterall holiday shopping is hard work, you deserve a reward!

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