Thursday, June 30, 2016

No Rhyme? No Reason! (In other words don't think...just DO!)

You know it's pretty funny...this thing called life...

Before I started Adhesif Clothing I used to do a lot of creative writing. In fact I have a dozen or more books of unpublished handwritten poetry I did in what feels like another lifetime ago.

Actually I always wanted to publish those books and went as far as creating my own hand drawn business card with "Poet" as my title...pretty badass I thought. 
I even staged my very own poetry reading (my only poetry reading) at The Flower Factory on Main Street in Vancouver like over a decade ago now...

I spent years "exploring my creative side"...painting, drawing, writing, making dioramas. Until finally experimenting with textiles and fashion just "stuck"...thus the name Adhesif :-) No pun intended!

Ok...let's fast forward to present time...before I start my nostalgic ramblings about the road less travelled and how I got from small humble beginnings to the ominous established upcycled brand Adhesif Clothing has become today (cough)

(p.s: don't grow up it's trap!)
Above photo courtesy of Jennifer Picard

So...funny enough...I did end up becoming a published writer!
But it didn't happen the way I tried going about as a poet or creative writer, it happened while taking a completely different creative route as a fashion designer and stylist!

Luckily enough, I've not only had the great opportunity to have worked with some really spectacular creative teams both in Canada & Europe 
I've also had the last four of Adhesif Clothing's seasonal collections published in the US publication Belle Armoire as well as one other creative photoshoot.

All  wardrobe designs, creative direction/styling as well as the articles were written by designer Melissa Ferreira of Adhesif Clothing.

Belle Armoire - Spring Summer 2016

Photography - Patryk Widejko
Model - Nadine Joelle  
MUA - Neetu Sahota

Belle Armoire - Creative Shoot 2015

Article & Photography - Daniel Mark
Model - Dana Truhar
MUA - Vanessa Kuan

Belle Armoire Fall-Winter 2015

Photography - Thomas Ruppel
Model - Pipa Peschi
MUA - Christine Raab

Belle Armoire Spring-Summer 2015

Photography - Jennifer Picard
Model - Emily Marshall

 Belle Armoire Fall-Winter 2014

Photography - Thomas Ruppel
Model - Nathalie Reitz
MUA+Hair - Elena Thul

But that's not no no

We got some pretty exciting news coming up to tell you all about!

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