Thursday, April 28, 2016

Style is the Adhesif of Self Expression

I remember when I first started Adhesif Clothing over a decade ago, the term “Up cycling” didn’t even exist yet. In fact it was such an obscure concept that I would often get comments like “why should I be paying for something made out of used materials” which I of course had a multitude of reason for.

The fact is, up cycling is a REAL art form and a very challenging way to design. Every garment presents its own challenge when you are working with limited resources/materials. Each garment is tediously handmade using vintage fabric combinations and made with up to 95% reclaimed materials. Being a part of the Slow Fashion movement means our philosophy is quality over quantity. 

I create two seasonal collections annually, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Because there is still nothing in my life that beats the real deal. All current fashion trends created for my eco-friendly, line are mainly inspired by vintage fashions. Aside from quality and craftsmanship, you can’t deny the originality of the styles from yesteryear.

Over the years, quality second hand materials are becoming a challenge to source (due to low quality manufactured materials on the market) I’m constantly trying to refine my collections based on quality hand sourced reclaimed textiles. Using repurposed materials is a sustainable and eco-friendly method of clothing production, it also gives every item of Adhesif Clothing unique one of a kind characteristics that aren’t possible to achieve in mass-produced clothing. 

For Spring-Summer 2016, I created several relaxed, one-size designs including the Kickback Kimono, Petal Blouse, Canopy Tank & Meadow Dress... 

Kickback Kimono - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection 
To keep things light and airy and to follow suite to Adhesif Clothing’s Eclectic, whimsical, and original concept we used materials like vintage scarves (as seen in the sleeves of the Kickback Kimono and parts of the body of the Petal Blouse) and floral printed stretch lace alongside 1970’s floral prints as seen in the Meadow Dress & Niagara Dress designs.

Petal Blouse -  Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection

Niagara Dress  - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection
 Canopy Tank - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection
Meadow Dress - Adhesif Clothing SS16 Collection

Style is the Adhesif of self expression. Whatever your style is remember with slow fashion, you don’t need to sacrifice looking great for feeling good.

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