Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Magic Of Rolling Earth

It's been a very busy year here at Adhesif Clothing...I just can't believe it's already October! 
We're going non-stop creating pieces by hand all year round but especially for our 
busiest time of year...

Most artisans will agree that the most lucrative time of year for us is the Fall-Winter season and all the holiday markets we will be participating in come November & December.
!!Boy are we excited!!

...but as they say there is a time for everything and with that said, with all this hard work accomplished on top of  running a shop 6 days a week, I felt it was definitely time for me to...

I was in search of some serious peace and quiet...a place of reflection and tranquility...
So on a recent discovery, I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at a very magical place known as Rolling Earth Farms on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Rolling Earth Farm focuses on wilderness, food and sustainability issues. 

It is a very tranquil and contemplative place where you can breathe & reconnect with yourself while getting in touch with nature in it's truest sense...

Rolling Earth is driven by life partners Brett Heneke and Joah Lui and their lovely little family. 

Brett is an organic farmer, certified teacher, musician, wilderness guide, Red Cross first aid instructor and outdoor environmental educator with over 17 years working with community organizations, camps and schools.

Joah wears a number of hats at the Rolling Earth Centre: permaculture designer, cook, organic farmer, Mom, educational programmer, and filmmaker.

They are both very kind and very passionate about living sustainably and it shows in every corner of their 6 acre farm.

Brett & Joah teach wilderness workshops, host multiple day farm camps (where you can learn the A-Z of organic farming) and lot's more! 

Brett & Joah are extremely passionate about living sustainably which is very evident in the handmade Cob house on their property which they created with the community over the course of 7 years...

...and the result of all their hard work below...

Joah came by on our first morning and gave us a brief history on the making of this amazing tiny home. She went on to explain that the Cob Cottage was created from up to 80% found & sustainable materials...

Be still my beating heart!!

 ....adjacent to the cob house is the outdoor kitchen, composting toilet and the creekside shower...Yup...that's right...I said a creek side shower...

Being in this quiet reflective place was exactly what I was looking for before the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday retail season...

Rolling Earth Farm also brought back a lot of happy childhood memories of growing up camping in Ontario's countryside every summer for years, 
especially while cooking in the outdoor kitchen...

I really felt at home here and I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to get to know Brett & Joha and their quest to teach others about sustainability and living with one in nature. 

Le Sigh...great minds think alike :)
...I hope it won't be too long before I return again to this magical sanctuary.

For more about Rolling Earth Farm visit their awesome website


...for added excellence play this song by Floating Action  aptly named "To Connect" 
(which is basically the unofficial theme song to this entire blog entry)  
until you drift away into your happy place...


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