Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adhesif Clothing Swings into the Roaring 20`s

The designers job in never finished!
We`re always at least a season ahead of the season we`re in.
With that being said even though it`s summer we are neck deep in fall & winter production.

Every season we create a brand new collection that usually consists of 8-12 new designs. Our new Fall-Winter 2013 collection is already getting huge applause from our fans...


This season even the boys in your life can get their paws on select designs found in our shop and upcoming  holiday markets like the `Django Pistols Jacket`above which is a reworked piece consisting of a vintage plaid flannel and denim sleeves.

This season see`s a collection with a little bit of punk and a little bit of a 1920`s vibe.
Edgy but chic as seen in the pieces like 
the `Janedoll Sweater`& `Jazzbell Jacket` below...

Now just like any other artist I`m usually never satisfied with what I create and am constantly seeing ways to improve my designs...but this particular season makes me feel alright. 
The collection is inspired by the roaring twenties, a line reminiscent of Les AnnĂ©es Folles. It was a decade of jazz, prosperity, and redefined womanhood - Especially designs like the `Ritzgerald Dress`my personal fave from this season...

The `Ritzgerald Dress`is a shift dress made from a plush stretch velvet. There`s pockets, an elasticized waist, the cutest puff sleeves and the most darling hand crocheted vintage doily in the collar.
Practical, functional and without sacrificing flare!

Ladies who lunch will love the Mrs. Grundy Dress & made from reclaimed suiting and a forgiving stretch cotton/lyrca on the back and sleeves as (seen above).
As well as the Gam`s & Gladrags high waist suit pants.
Dress the pants up or down depending on what you pair the pieces with. 
I for one like to put a spin on a polished piece by throwing on my fave beat up, 
vintage rock shirt for a street chic vibe (seen below)
The stretch High Hat Turban...sure to add some serious style points to any outfit!

Men will love the `Dag Daddy Blazer`& the `Hammersmith Hoody`! They will be all like `Dag son...that`s one fresh jacket`...

Aaaaand then when you take off your jacket you`ll be wearing the `Dapper Dan Sweater`and your friends will be all like SNAP...those threads be jivin!`d be the bee`s knees...the cat`s meow, the talk of the catch my drift 

Last but not least my 2 best sellers currently.
The Circle Blouse with a vintage doily in the collar and the `Ravish Ramone Blouse. Both drapey blouses with a shawl like look. A one size piece that`s looks flattering no matter what your body shape...

The `Ravish Ramone`Blouse...

So jump, jive, and wail into the glamour of the 1920's, modernized with a twist of punk, courtesy of Adhesif Clothing's Fall/Winter 2013 collection, made from opulent, up-cycled materials like stretch velvet, lace, and hand crocheted vintage doilies.
Check out video footage of our Fall-Winter 2013 Collection on the runway of Vancouver Eco Fashion week below...
The Adhesif Clothing flagship store is located at 
2202 Main Street in Vancouver, BC.
The select pieces are also available at boutiques across North America 
and online at 

This November & December you can find Adhesif at these  holiday markets; 
-Circle Craft
-Shiny Fuzzy Muddy 
-Make It in Edmonton 

For more information on events and collections, visit our website at

Photography by Jennifer Picard

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