Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wonderland that is Carylann

The Adhesif Clothing Shoppe welcomes the local and very talented Carylann Loeppky as our new resident artist at 2202 Main Street, Vancouver. I've admired Carylann's work for many years now and it is such a pleasure to have her work on display in our shop.

A little bit about Carylann Loeppky...
She is a visual artist exploring the relationship between subject and method, using both old and new creative techniques, in the context of portraiture, abstraction and figurative painting.
She uses treatments similar to those used by the old European masters, such as glazing, layering, sanding and scratching the painting surface, which blend and soften the appearance, and bring out small details. She combines this approach with modern graphic design methods to bear upon these traditions to produce a more contemporary effect.

Beautiful and tragic, the ghostly subjects of her portraits, drawn from her imagination, are memorials to girls and young women whose unique qualities evoke an intimate connection between them and the viewer.

Like Carylann, I am also self taught. I am always so inspired by other artists who are self trained. There is a sort of experimental and unique way about doing things as a self taught artist. A "thinking outside of the box" approach that I am very drawn to. 
Athough starting off as a self taught artist, Carylann did go on to further her experience by becoming a graduate of Emily Carr College of Art and Design as well as BCIT. To add to her roster of experience as a visual artist, she also worked for 11 years at Network Records doing graphic design, video, motion graphics, and creating award winning CD covers for such bands as Delerium, the Hermit, and State of Grace, before starting her own design company - Dope Design.

Come in and behold the mysterious, lovely and wonderous works that are Carylann. Her work will be on display at the Adhesif Clothing Shoppe at 2202 Main Street until April.  Create your very own vignette while pieces last!

For more info on the works of Carylann please visit her website or call us here at the Adhesif Shoppe at 604.568.4905. Hours Tues-Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 Mondays-Closed.



  1. lovely! are they for sale and if so, what is the range of prices?

    thank u!

    1. Yes indeed! Her work is for sale at the Adhesif Clothing Shoppe at 2202 Main Street, Vancouver. Prices range from $33-$480 with a wide range of sizes available.