Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bold and Lucid Works of Nicholas Tay

If you have yet to visit the Adhesif Clothing Shoppe then you wouldn't know that our shoppe features a new local artist every 2 months. Pretty cool hey?

Right now, through to October, we have paintings by a very talented (and extremely organized!!!) painter extraodinaire by the name of Nicholas Tay.

First, let me begin with how I came across Nicholas...

One fine afternoon while I was getting some much needed pampering at our local and organic JSpa 
(known for their organic facials you should go, seriously good )
While soaking my tender tootsies I noticed  a book lying by my side..."Anthology Collected Stories" by Nicholas Tay. Naturally, I picked it up and was instantly intrigued...

 In his self published book there is a colorful visual array of cityscapes, wildlife, cartography, photographic illustration  mixed with short stories & poems (which are equally as interesting visually)

Julia (from Jspa) must have noticed how captured I was by Nicholas's book that she recommended I ask him to show at Ye' Ol Adhesif Shoppe. "Gasp"...I said..."Do you really think he would be interested in showing his work at our shop??"
Voila! The rest is history! After meeting Nicholas I was so extremely impressed by not only his attention to detail but his almost natural drive and obvious passion for his craft.

Words from Nicholas-About the Art;
The pieces collected here are selections from the series
Imperfect Offerings. The work is a meditiation on the life we sacrifice,
the monuments we build and the love we give.
About the ArtistNicholas Tay loves to make a mess with colours. He studied
illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. This
education prepared him for a lack of sleep and his career as an Art
Director and Artist on such notable videogame franchises as Need for
Speed, NBA Street and SSX. Recently, Nicholas has added gallery shows, costume design and advertising illustration to his area of play. His client list includes: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Hasbro, Cossette, Stuff
Magazine and the Vancouver Canucks.

See his website for more info on his work...

Wowzers! I'm impressed...drawings, paintings, a book and what's this?! Toys too?? What does this man NOT do?? Nicholas has also created a toy line called "Gup Gups". What are they? Whimsical, imaginative,  fun little creatures you can personally create "the" story for...
I know, so fun right?

If you happen to be in the Main Street area, come to 2202 Main Street to check out Nicholas Tay's work in the 3D!
(3D glasses not included)

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  1. Such great collection of art and literature. That is like bonding the two things together in one place. Lovely art work and great literary work.